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HEM Media build relationships based on mutual trust, respect, continued support and good value for money and, we work tirelessly to present information clearly and accurately - Because That’s What Matters!  

Advertising: Placing an advert is about much more than just trying to sell something, it’s about introducing yourself and your business to potential clients. HEM Life provides a platform for quality services and products that we can recommend to our readers.
Our postcode distribution areas are predominantly the influential AB readership, dynamic people that work in the city and relax at home. That kind of readership is vital in attracting high calibre advertisers.

“When times are good, you should advertise. When times are bad, you must advertise.”
Bruce Barton  (Advertising Pioneer)

We are supporting businesses by offering up to 60% off advertising during COVID19
We are publishing online only until further notice (allbeit less pages) and have increased our online presence to keep our readers updated on all the great things that are happening within our communities, and to keep them in the loop as to who, what and where recommended, trusted reliable businesses  are providing community needs within the current health and safety requirements.

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